Track 1: Mobility and Wireless Networks

The Mobility/Wireless Track will focus on the new approaches, technologies, architectures and applications in the areas of mobile computing and wireless networking and will address topics related their performance, configuration, cross-layer approaches, scalability, resilience and survivability; offering the opportunity for a more focused exchange of ideas and presentation of on-going research relevant to these areas.

Solicited contributions concern (but are not limited to) the following topics:

- 4G and 5G networks, LTE and LTE-A
- D2D(Device to Device)
- Cellular Technologies for IoT
- Wireless Local Area Networks
- Wireless Personal Area Networks
- Wireless Ad Hoc and Mesh Networks
- Wireless Vehicular Networks
- Cognitive Radio Networks
- Satellite Networks
- Self-organizing and Re-configurable Wireless Networks
- Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Network Solutions
- Wireless MAC Protocols
- Scheduling Techniques for Wireless Networks
- Wireless QoS Routing Algorithms
- Radio Resource Allocation and Management
- Cross-layer Design and Optimization in Wireless Networks
- Clustering, Topology Control, Coverage and Connectivity
- Cooperation and Relaying in Wireless Networks
- Analysis, Simulation and Performance Evaluation
- Integration of Heterogeneous Mobile, Wireless and Wire-line Radio Access Networks
- Mobility, Location Management and Handover Techniques for Wireless Mobile Networks
- Multimedia over Wireless and Mobile Systems
- Power-aware Architectures, Algorithms and Protocols for Wireless/Mobile Networks
- Wireless Services and Middleware Platforms
- Green Radio Communications
- Measurements, Testbeds and Deployment of Wireless Systems 

Mobility and Wireless Track:

- Samuel Pierre, École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada
- Haidar Safa - American University of Beirut, Lebanon
- Panayiotis Kolios, University of CypruMobility

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